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Tips & Information



  • Removal of fall debris

  • Removal of winter thatch

  • Aerate turf

  • Apply slow release fertilizer

  • Apply lime

  • Apply weed control

  • Plant perennials 



  • Apply slow release fertilizer

  • Mulch garden beds

  • Apply weed control

  • Inspect lawn, water frequently 



  • Removal of fall debris

  • Prune trees

  • Winterize gardens

  • Best time to install
    your new lawn

  • Removal of thatch

  • Apply fertilizer

  • Aerate turf

  • Top dress

  • Over seed 



  • It is very important to water your lawn, and can reduce the risk of disease, insect, and weed infestations

  • The best time to water your lawn is early morning between 5-6a.m.

  • Apply on average 3cm of water per week; more water can be used through July and August.

  • Avoid over watering, allow soil to dry between watering 



  • A healthy lawn should be mowed at least once every week.  

  • Avoid mowing when grass is wet.

  • Avoid bagging grass when possible use clippings as a natural fertilizer

  • Always inspect your lawn mower before operation, it is important to keep a sharp blade.

  • Set your lawn mower to cut grass between 5-7cm



  • Aeration is the mechanical process of removing 3-5cm cores of soil from the ground, Allowing air to circulate and root systems to utilize nutrients

  • Aeration should be done in spring and fall.

  • Aeration ultimately utilizes our products and prevents run off from occurring. 

Soil pH


  • Testing your pH level is an important step in maintaining a healthy lawn.

  • Soil pH is the measure of the soil acidity or soil alkalinity.

  • Soil pH directly affects nutrient availability within your lawn and garden.  

Top Dressing


  • Top dressing is the process of adding a thin layer of special organic based material over your lawn.

  • Fact, most lawns do not have enough topsoil to sustain healthy resilient grass.

  • Helps establish new seed and develop a strong root system for your lawn.



  • Over seeding is the process of adding seed to your lawn

  • Over seeding is commonly overlooked but is the best way to keep a thick, weed free lawn.

  • Fall is the best time to over seed but can successfully be done in spring. 

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